Student Connect

The secure and effective 4-in-1 attendance
management platform for educators,
families and event providers


Streamline operations with client comfort and kid safety

Available as a website, iOS and Android application, Aphelia.io allows educators monitor IRL attendance, billing and reporting while parents keep track of all the activities happening to the their child through notifications.

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Plan the kid pick-up
without waiting in
the cold, heat or rain.

Be in the know
when the bus arrives.

With the built-in real-time
bus tracking feature of Aphelia.io,
it is easy to monitor the school bus
movement and plan the pick up accordingly.

School Bus

Want to change the
authorized pick-up
Arrange it easily thru the app.

No need to call the school.

As a parent, imagine you not being able to
pick up your kid from school in time.

All you need to do is to find an adult substitute
and communicate the person through
the app to the kid’s school.

Provide an image, ID card and confirm with
an electronic signature. Child safety is what
matters, and Aphelia.io enables it.


Track attendance in real time.

With Aphelia.io a parent gets a real-time update on exactly where the child is, leaving a teacher focusing on the study process after digital class registration.

Classroom Image

Tired of switching
between platforms?

Send out text
using Aphelia.io.

Absent reports, updates on the class
schedule, program change and what not
with an built-in text messaging automate
communication flow and share the
information with parents.

Explore the absolute digital solution to optimize and improve childcare.

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  • Monitor and manage event/ course registration and attendance
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  • Automate billing and payment
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  • Centralize messaging and parent notifications
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  • Track the route of the school buses


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Why to choose Aphelia

Aphelia is a one of a kind childcare management platform by Technuf LLC, known for its approach to attract and keep the very best the industry has to offer in the field of information technology, application development and program management support.

Aphelia is an online platform that helps:

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  • Keep event registration and real-time student activities tracking
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  • Manage family records and budgeting for extracurriculars
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  • Streamline communication between course/ event registrants and providers

Focus on the process, not the paperwork

through a range of Aphelia software built-in features, including authorized pickup, reporting and electronic signature features.


Aphelia by Technuf is perfect for:

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  • School and aftercare program administrators who want to
    centralize and optimize services, save time and resources.
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  • Parents who want to monitor a child's classroom attendance
    and study progress in real-life, as well as automate payments.
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  • Educational service providers who want to digitalize
    check-in as well as facilitate billing and reporting.

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