Business Intelligence

Challenge 1

Conveying big data stored in heterogeneous and different-in-nature data sources (e.g. legacy systems, web and scientific data repositories, stream networks and social networks) into a structured and well interpretable format.


Implementation of the ETL layer.

Challenge 2

Managing, processing and transforming extracted structured data repositories in order to derive Business Intelligence (BI) components like diagrams, plots, dashboards for decision making and actionable information.


Implementation of the Business Intelligence layer.

Business Intelligence with Technuf

Technuf has in-house expertise to build data analytics related applications using the scientific algorithms for Big Data using open source framework. Heterogeneous data coming from different sources to make business sense out of them is a big challenge. Technuf team used the following methodology to overcome these challenges and built optimized business intelligence applications to provide an executive level dash board view of the organizational bottom line. This critical capability is essential in making intelligent business decisions.