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Technuf has accomplished numerous feats in a short span of time. The following timeline showcases our accolades and advances.

April 2017: Technuf wins a large contract for Aerospace Enterprise Information Services (EIS)

Technuf was recently awarded a large contract to supply Comprehensive Maintenance and Operations (CMOC) and Enterprise Information Services (EIS), with our prime partner DISYS. This is over 10-year contract servicing over 4000 Aerospace employees around the country. Technuf’s priority will be providing services such as Cybersecurity (Information Security) implementation & support, Network Infrastructure support, application administration, software lifecycle management, and architecture & engineering expertise.


January 2017: Technuf wins prime contract with DoD, DHRA providing Sharepoint and LMS support services

Technuf has won a prime contract servicing the DoD – Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA) Headquarters (HQ) with SharePoint software development and administrative support services for cloud based Information Systems (IS). Technuf will support 15 workflow applications, 35 SharePoint site pages, and over 1200 users in development, administration, and maintenance of SharePoint applications and web products; and administer Learning Management Systems (LMS) functions for the global DHRA workforce.

Technuf Enjoys Significant Growth in 2014 with New Product Launch

Technuf enjoys significant growth in 2014 with the launch of a new collaboration product, securing of a new NIH contract and deploying one of the critical cybersecurity project for the IRS.   This in addition to the continuation of the IT related service at the two major Washington, DC metropolitan airport under the authority of MWAA has allowed Technuf to focus on increasing its capacity and service offerings to include delivering advanced training in Cybersecurity and CISSP certification.

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  • The new product, Aphelia Collaboration System is a highly scalable and reliable mobile based intelligent dispatch and resource management system for the utility and energy sectors. It is a delegation, collaboration and communication platform for a highly distributed mobile workforce. Through seamless integration of audio, video , chat and geo-location services it helps increase workforce productivity.  It is currently being evaluated by a number of national and international customers. Furthermore, Aphelia/IPICS team has won the prestigious first place award at UTC Telecom 2014. It received exposure in the International Wireless Communications Expo 2014 in Las Vegas.
  • Technuf helps the IRS deploying the last of the servers for its challenging cybersecurity Data Loss Prevention program to protect its employees and taxpayers from the loss of Personally Identifiable Information.  The system also helps the IRS comply with a number of legislative and regulatory mandates.
  • Technuf helps the NIH with complex reporting requirements through the construction of data warehouse and advanced analytics .
  • Technuf offers CISSP seminars and advanced training consisting of 120 hours of instruction for the cybersecurity professional.
  • Technuf continues to increase its footprint in Cisco on their advanced programs including IPICS.
  • Technuf has officially become a certified Cisco Developer Network (CDN) member and a long term Eco-system partner of Cisco IOT (Internet of Things).

October, 2014: Technuf wins Contract with National Institutes of Health (NIH)


Technuf has won a new contract with the National Institute of Health (NIH) for their Technology sector. Technuf will build data analytics related applications using the scientific algorithms for Big Data. Heterogeneous data coming from different sources to provide decision support has traditionally been a challenge. Technuf has used a set of proven methodologies including ETL, data warehousing, and data mining and advanced analytics to overcome these challenges. This allows Technuf to develop optimized business intelligence applications with custom and on demand reporting as well as executive level dashboard views.


May 06, 2014: Aphelia/IPICS team wins a first prize trophy at 2014 UTC Telecom Conference

Aphelia/IPICS team won a first prize trophy at the 2014 UTC Telecom conference in Phoenix, AZ.


The Aphelia/IPICS team wins a first place trophy at the 2014 UTC Telecom conference in Phoenix, AZ

March 28, 2014: Aphelia at International Wireless Communications Expo, Las Vegas

Technuf receives international exposure and accolade at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas this week. Aphelia Collaboration System has attracted the attention beyond the USA borders to include now both Europe and Australia. For more information, click here.


Technuf President Mr. Faisal Quader demonstrates the integration of Aphelia with Cisco’s flagship IPICS product line

January 27, 2014: Technuf in collaboration with Cisco has introduced an exciting new product in its portfolio.

Technuf in collaboration with Cisco has introduced an exciting new product in its portfolio. Aphelia Collaboration System provides utility and power companies an efficient way of dispatching their resources to manage alerts and events in real-time. For more details, click here.


Mr. Faisal Quader at the DistribuTECH 2014 Exhibition demonstrating Technuf products.

January 2014: Technuf develops Aphelia in collaboration with Cisco

July 01, 2013: Technuf signs contract with USPTO’s SDI-NG initiative

Technuf has signed a contract to support USPTO’s Next Generation Software Development (SDI-NG) initiative. Under this contract, Technuf will develop and maintain the Software Development and Build Automation Infrastructure consisting of IBM and open source products.

June 25, 2013: Technuf/Cisco/Tait team wins Custom Application Development Hackathon, NZ

Technuf/Cisco/Tait team won the first prize in Custom Application Development Hackathon in New Zealand. The team developed the most innovative integration with Tait Radio Infrastructure API for a first responder smart application.

Apheloa Custom Application Development Hackathon

Mr. Faisal Quader with Tait team celebrating a first place win

June 19, 2013

Technuf has expanded its operation both in East coast and the west coast as well as globally.

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