Electronic Health Record (EHR) Subject Matter Expert Specialist:

Full time

Who we are

Technuf, is a Maryland based company providing leading-edge and proven technologies, industry vertical domain expertise and highly skilled and motivated professionals to achieve our customers’ mission critical business needs.

What we’re looking for

  • Responsible for providing EHR helpdesk ticket support.
  • Responsible for EHR optimized individual workflow training.
  • Responsible for workflow optimization.
  • Responsible for EHR project implementations.
  • Responsible for assisting in EHR testing and communicating the fixes/enhancements of the upgrade.
  • Responsible for working with NextGen on Knowledge Based Model (KBM) upgrades.
  • Responsible for providing feasibility feedback on Change Advisory Board (CAB) requests.
  • Responsible for creating documentation as needed.
  • Responsible for maintaining the File Maintenance tables for EHR.

Need help?

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