Technuf is a Maryland based company specializing in IT infrastructure development, SDLC process automation, mobile collaboration and software development.

About us
Infrastructure Support
Mobile Collaboration
Software Development

Core Values and Expertise

Highly Skilled Professionals

Technuf provides perfection for all clients - government and private entities.

Meeting all your software solution needs.

Cyber-security, infrastructure management, software development and more.

Ensuring Customer Success

Long list of satisfied clients

IRS, Cisco, Tista Games and others

Brand names trust Technuf with cybersecurity, collaboration and many more solutions.


Vast experience in gorvernmental and organizational cybersecurity.

Comprehensive cybersecurity stack by Technuf

Authentication/Authorization, Intrusion Detection, Virtualization and other services.

Award Winning Collaboration System

Aphelia Collaboration System by Technuf

Real-time Alerts and Communication

Aphelia is a reliable mobile based intelligent dispatch and resource management system

Business Intelligence

Data Analytics using intelligent systems for Big Data

Big Data Analytics

Data analytics applications using scientific algorithms for Big Data using open source framework

Management & Governance

Improve quality of delivery and meet time and budget constraints

Management success allowed us become trusted advisors

SDLC, Agile, Requirements, Risk, Asset management, scheduling and many more

Aphelia Collaboration System

Our Award-winning product in collaboration with Cisco

More about Aphelia

Clients and Partners


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40 West Gude Dr,
Suite 220,
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301-417-8998

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